Tony De Tommaso organises driving courses for different levels of experience, in order to satisfy requests of any kind of customer: from the newly licensed driver to the driver of sport cars and the expert racer.

It starts with courses for beginners on safe driving, then the training provides classes on sport driving to improve reaction and control. Sport driving courses are personally attended by Tony De Tommaso, who is going to reveal the secrets for a safe driving at high speed. Every exercise reproduces on track all the unavoidable dangerous situations we daily experience on the street. The exercises teach how to control the vehicle in any emergency situation or condition of reduced traction. The training reproduces on track (and in the best safety conditions) unexpected dangers, brakings, barriers, wet turns and asphalt with a low coefficient of traction.

Being learning courses, it is not needed to be a good racer to learn the basics for a safe drive. No age limits.

Aspiring racers have the possibility to discover their inclination and skills attending agonistic driving courses. Such courses offer a base for each learner to build his/her future carreer as driver. The courses aim to train to competitions, they transmit to learners drivers experience, advices, tricks and secrets which are the fundamental background of a professional racer.


  • Course for newly licensed drivers

    Course for newly licensed drivers: the training on track reproduces, in extremely safe conditions, unexpected dangers, brakings, wet cornering and other dangerous situations.

  • Road Safety Course

    Road safety doesn't mean just driving with the due care, but also fully control the vehicle in emergency situations and in every critical grip situation.

  • Course in high speed sport driving

    The total control of the car in every situation: when driving at the limit and at high speed. The right course for sport cars owners and people fond of driving. Exercises at more than 120 Km/h and laps up to the limit, in order to develop sensibility to professional driving.

  • Competition driving course

    "Everything you wanted to try but never found the courage to do". The course where the driver-instructor Tony De Tommaso offers the possibility to learn the advices, tricks and secrets which build the fundamental background of a professional pilot.


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